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Perfect gift for Weddings, Housewarmings & Travel


Imagine going to your closet and finding the exact size sheets you need in a perfectly organized bundle. Imagine a color-coded system identifying sheet sets by size. It’s as easy as that with Bedding Bandz ®.

Available in 2 sizes: Reversible TWIN/FULL and reversible QUEEN/KING ​

• Solves the chaos of messy linen closets

• Keeps sheets together in sets

• No unfolding required to find the sheets size you need

• Color coded system for easy retrieval

• Reusable

• Stretch to fit various thicknesses of material

• Easy to use VELCRO®-type fasteners

Bedding Bandz the original sheets organizer

Get Organized

Bedding Bandz feature durable inch-and-a-half elastic for versatile form-fitting to any thickness of sheets. The reversible TWIN & FULL and reversible QUEEN & KING devices are color-coded AND printed by size, so you never have to unfold the wrong size sheets again. Each pack contains either 2  reversible TWIN/FULL devices or 2  reversible QUEEN/KING devices.​

Save Time

Bedding Bandz ® are simple and easy to use. Everyone in the house can now be a big help to you, finding the right sheet size at the first attempt. No longer will you have the frustration of finding unwanted sheets stuffed back into the closet in a disorderly mess.

Save space

Bedding Bandz ® provide a stable bundling solution that lets you sort your folded sheets in neat organized stacks, freeing up needed closet space.


Eliminate Closet Clutter Permanently

Bedding Bandz ® are reusable and made to last. Organize your linen closet once with Bedding Bandz… and keep it that way!

7 Easy Steps to use Bedding Bandz ®

1) Fold your sheet set, ready for storage. ​


2) Select the appropriate size of Bedding Bandz ® for the sheet set.

3) Undo the VELCRO®-type fasteners and lay the Bedding Bandz ® with the corresponding size for the sheet set facing down.  


4) Place the folded sheet set on the center of the Bedding Bandz ®.

5) Fold over the pairs of opposing straps and secure them with the VELCRO®-type fasteners.

6) Turn the bundle over to view the Bedding Bandz ®central panel. ​


7) Your sheet set is now secured and correctly identified by the Bedding Bandz ®, ready for storage, in your tidy linen closet!





Function of the Bedding Bandz ® explained for you:

Each unit of Bedding Bandz ® is reversible and features the following: double sided center piece with size indicated (different on each surface); 2 elastic straps with Velcro®-type fasteners on the ends. (each strap is also printed with the same size & color as the centerpiece for which the sheets size it is intended). 

TWIN (Blue) & FULL (Orange)                  

QUEEN (Pink) & KING (Brown)

The product is sold in packs of 2 identical units. 

One pack is intended to serve 2 sets of sheets. The reversible nature of the product gives you greater flexibility because each product can be used for two different sizes of sheet set.

Example # 1:  a pack of (2) TWIN/FULL Bedding Bandz® gives you the ability to organize:


2 TWIN sets; or    
2 FULL sets; or
1 TWIN and 1 FULL set, depending on your needs. 


​Example # 2:  a pack of (2) QUEEN/KING Bedding Bandz® will give you the ability to organize:


2 QUEEN sets; or
2 KING sets; or
1 QUEEN and 1 KING set, depending on your needs.​

One strap is fixed, and the other strap is adjustable, so, once you have enclosed your sheet set, you can slide the adjustable strap so that the size is easily visible when the sheet sets are piled on the closet shelf

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