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About Us


About Linda


Linda Ravary was born and raised in the vibrant and multi-cultural city of Montreal, Quebec. It was here that her love for all things international and artistic was nurtured, fueled by her family and environment. Throughout her childhood, she devoted herself to competitive Latin-American ballroom dancing, placing second in Canada, third in North American and sixteenth in the World Championships. All this exposure to international cities and their cultures set the tone for everything else that followed in her life. She moved to London, when she married husband David, and studied Interior Design until Motherhood intervened!

After living in England and Switzerland, where their two sons were born, they moved to the US and found themselves at home In North Carolina, where their daughter was born.

Before becoming an entrepreneur, Linda’s work experiences were focused on the hospitality industry, where customer satisfaction plays a central role. Linda worked at the world-famous Harrod’s in London, as a Concierge for the Le Méridien hotels, on a cruise ship and as a travel agent. Other exciting opportunities included participating in a concert tour across the US and Canada, for one of the early finalists of American Idol. 

With Bedding Bandz®, Linda saw an opportunity to combine her artistic sensibilities and international experience in customer service roles, to create an appealing product, which meets a totally unmet need. Linen closet clutter would be a thing of the past and that particular frustration of motherhood would end forever.

My Story


Hi! I am Linda Ravary, and Bedding Bandz®, is my product. I hope to revolutionize the way linen closets are organized and to end the chaos of messy linen closets forever. How did we manage before there was Bedding Bandz®? We didn’t. That is why I invented it! 

How did I get there?

Bringing a dream to reality is often more challenging than it seems, especially for someone like me who was  trained in her formative years to strive for excellence and achieve higher goals, as a competitive ballroom dancer. So, when I started developing my product, I wasn't going to settle for anything but the best. I wasn’t going to compromise and this is why it took us almost two years and many iterations to get to the final version of the Bedding Bandz® that you see today. I believe in the design and quality of my product and I stand proudly behind it. 

​My big "Aha!" moment came in July 2010, when I stood, frustrated, in front of the family linen closet thinking: “How can this be happening again? Why is it so hard to keep a linen closet in order?” We have all tried the big, bulky storage boxes, been frustrated by the plastic bags that you can never manage to fit your sheets back into and even labeling the shelves with masking tape didn’t work either…Surely there had to be a solution to this ongoing problem.

As a mother of three, with little time on my hands, I could not afford to deal with this repeatedly, so I refused to tidy the closet again, until I came up with a permanent solution. I knew that the problem had to be tackled BEFORE anyone had a chance to pull sheets off the shelf and start unfolding them to try to find the correct size. While deliberating how this could be achieved, I picked up my daughter’s elastic Chinese Jump Rope from the bottom of the closet, which I made for her and on which I had printed her name before she went to camp. This is when it hit me! With a flash of inspiration I started cutting the elastic into different lengths, wrote the relevant sheet sizes onto the bands and put the individual sets together in neat little packages, The sheets and pillowcases would not be separated, the size and color/pattern of the sheet set would be immediately visible and nobody would have to rummage through the shelves, making a mess. The elastic would allow enough flexibility to accommodate the thicknesses of the different fabric or thread counts. No bulky boxes! Instant identification! Easy and flexible! Space efficient! Re-usable! I ran downstairs to tell my husband about my discovery, which would finally get rid of this linen closet clutter permanently. He agreed it was a great organizational solution and, with his British humor, suggested a name:  (Get your) “Sheets Together!”

Well, maybe the product name needed to be rethought, but I realized that this invention is something that could not only help me, but also millions of households around the Globe! And so it was, that a Mother saw the Necessity for Invention … and Bedding Bandz® were born!

I hope that my product brings calm and order to at least one corner your home - and ends the aggravation caused by messy linen closets everywhere!

Warm Regards,



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